Scientific Instruments Manufacturer GmbH - or SIM: for more than 20 years this name is signifying a passion for chromatography. A constant advancement of the company provides steadily new innovations and solutions in the high-end range of chromatography, mass spectrometry and process analysis. 

Their highly motivated and specialized employees always work to ensure that no customer wish remains unfulfilled. In order to guarantee that this remains the case for the future, SIM will continue to expand. 

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SFC-FID Analyzer

SFC-FID Analyzer

SFC-FID Analyzer

SFC-FID Analyzer

The SFC-FID systems enable the use of overcritical carbon dioxide as solvent and turn this separation method to a “green” chromatography. Lower solvent consumption and production of very less waste helps to improve environmental protection.

Especially for the fuel analytics in accordance with ASTM D5186, SFC-FID offers a great value by sensitive measurement of aromates and polyaromates as well as the excellent reproducibility of the results. 

According to ASTM D6550, olefins in fuel can also be determined with the SFC-FID. Additionally, the SFC-FID meets all the requirements of the ASTM D7347 method to define olefins in denatured ethanol. 


  • FID in combination with Agilent’s 1260 Infinity SFC systems
  • high detector sensitivity
  • very good reproducibility of the results
  • ease-of-use via OpenLAB ChemStation
  • “green chemistry“ by low solvent consumption and production of less waste
  • low working costs via use of gaseous CO2 with standard grade


SFC-FID Analyzer

SFC-FID Analyzer



The Multi Cooling Device equipped with a compressor offers a new, easy-to-use way to cool temperature programmable GC inlets (PTV, Multimode, etc.) to 0°C. It is a fast, cost saving and maintenance-free unit that can be used for various applications such as determination of high-volatile components, solvent venting and large volume injections. 


Furthermore, other devices can also be cooled with the Multi Cooling Device such as the Agilent Autosampler Tray G4514A (minimum temperature 5°C), the Agilent 7697A Headspace Sampler, and the SIM CryoTrap. Using the multi cooling device eliminates liquid coolants LN2 and LCO2 as well as the related safety precautions. Moreover, there is still the option to use air or the liquid coolants, LN2 and LCO2, to reach inlet temperatures below 0°C.


Cooling Device for

Agilent PTV and Multimode-Inlet (MMI) and other temperature programmable GC inlets
cooling characteristics (s. fig. on the right): If an Agilent 7890 GC oven and PTV with the Multi Cooling Device are cooled down form 350°C, the PTV will reach 30 °C in 6.5 min whereas cooling the GC oven to 30°C requires 14 minutes.

  • Agilent G4514A Autosampler Tray
  • Agilent 7697A Headspace Sampler
  • SIM CryoTrap




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