Why should I work with Windward Analytical?

We are a leading distributor of analytical instruments.  We provide training and application support for petroleum based gas and liquid chromatographic methods, Simidis, DHA Software, Gas Software, etc.

For example, with gas chromatography, if you know what you need to analyze but don't know how to configure your gas chromatograph to perform the analysis, call and consult with us. Even if you know how to configure the system, but simply do not have the time or manpower to perform the configuration, let us know your design parameters or let us propose an alternative. In either case, we will provide you with an quotation which will describe the scope of work which we propose to perform and the design elements which we will use. We will delineate the components which will be identified and the advantages and limitations of the proposed configuration.

We also provide method development services to assist you in optimizing analyses which you may already have in your laboratory. Optimization may mean increasing separation resolution, decreasing analysis cycle times, helping you to obtain lower detection capability, changing integration parameters, or recalibrating. We want to help make your GC systems easier to operate and maintain.


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