Process Instruments, Inc. is a high technology company located in Salt Lake City near the University of Utah.  For over twenty years, they have been advancing the state of the art in industrial process monitoring using Raman spectroscopy. 

Process Instruments is the largest producer of high power, frequency stabilized, narrow linewidth NIR laser diode sources in the world and the first company to offer a 9,000 hour or one year warranty on this type of laser. Their frequency stabilized lasers have become the "industry standard" because of their low cost, excellent frequency stability, and longterm reliability.

Process Instruments has installed over 100 Raman systems in some of the largest refinery and petrochemical plants in the world. This equipment is being used to optimize the production of fuels, chemicals, and polymers. They also work closely with pharmaceutical companies to develop Raman scattering technology for use in optimizing their manufacturing operations.

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PI-200 Online Raman System

On Line Raman Spectrograph for gasoline, jet fuel and diesel analysis. 

No sample conditioning, no moving parts and little maintenance.

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